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Access Self Storage Blog

  • Access Self Storage thanks Kim Walker for this cool pic of his dad's garage!
    Is there a method to your dad’s storage madness?Latest Tips

    With Father’s Day approaching, Access Self Storage investigates some of the quirkiest storage habits of dads across the UK.

  • Access Self Storage suggests you gavelook at this
    eBay without eBay: 4 Alternatives to the Online Auction Giant Latest Tips

    Seller thinking about putting the ix-nay on eBay? Access Self Storage can recommend some alternatives!

  • Student moving from halls
    Moving Out of Halls, Part II: The End is NighLatest Tips

    Summer’s fast approaching – and with it, the end of your time in Halls of Residence. The Access Self Storage Blog weighs up your options.

  • Wardrobe woes be gone this spring
    Clear out your wardrobe and put a spring in your step! Latest Tips

    Access Self Storage speaks to a seasonal style expert about keeping on-trend in hotter temperatures – and finding a good home for your out of season cold weather gear.

  • student moving into uni flat
    Moving Out of Halls Part I: Finding Your First Student Flat Latest Tips

    With a little expert help, this blog talks you through the trials and tribulations of modern student flat hunting.

  • Kitchen small
    Don't Sell Yourself ShortLatest Tips

    Breaking up is hard to do. It’s finally time to move on from the home that has given you so many great memories over the years – no easy feat. After taking the difficult step of placing your home on the market that means the hard work is over? Unfortunately not – as many discover.

  • Tips for selling your house 2
    One chance to make a great first impressionLatest Tips

    Laura Begg, Sales Services Consultant at John D Wood & Co advises on selling your house.

  • Money saving tips for students
    Breaking down the cost of student storage: how you can SAVE moneyLatest Tips

    Students often don’t have a lot of cash to spare, which is why putting your stuff into storage can actually be the cheapest, hassle-free option in the long-run.

  • Top tips on tackling clutter
    Top tips on tackling clutter straight from a professionalAccess People

    We all need to sort out our clutter from time to time. Whether it’s running out of room in the house, feeling overwhelmed by massing hoards of junk or simply wanting to organise our living space a bit better, you don’t have to be a candidate for Channel 4’s The Hoarder Next Door to feel it’s time for a clear out.

  • Child Friendly Storage Solutions
    Top five child-friendly storage solutionsLatest Tips

    Finding space at home can often be a challenge for any household, but for a busy family home it can feel like space is reducing on a daily basis.

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Saturday SewingSessions
From its early beginnings above a pub in Chelsea, to the beautifully decorated studio space you see today, 'Saturday Sewing Sessions' teaches more than the art of sewing.
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