Decorating a child’s room – our top tips

09 November 2022
If you’re looking to decorate your child’s bedroom, especially if it’s your first time, you may be a bit lost in what to do. As a parent, particularly when the children are young, you’re bound to have a million and one things to do.

An image of a childs bedroom for our blog on how to decorate childrens room

You might be so exhausted from the relentless multitasking that, in your attempts to get some design ideas, that you accidently typed “how to decorate childrens room” into Google (but we won’t hold that against you). In fact, we are here to help so don’t panic! We’ve come up with several ideas to get you going! Below, are some of our picks for children’s bedroom ideas and accessories. 

Wall colour

The first step in decorating a child’s room is selecting a wall colour. It’s best to avoid dark colours – while they might lend themselves to a themed room, they can make the room seem a bit dingy and feel smaller than it is. Whites and lighter colours are great options because they provide a canvas on which you can add more layers.

On the point of character-themed rooms, we would also avoid this – the child might decide they hate it in a couple of years. That said, you should get your child involved in the design process; it’s their room after all!

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Consider a workstation

As your child approaches the age of ten, giving them their own workspace might be a good idea. It doesn’t need to be overly fancy, but you might want to match the colour to the rest of the room for style’s sake. A simple desk and comfortable, height-appropriate chair will do just fine, giving your child a place to focus as homework becomes an unavoidable part of their life. 

An image of a childs bedroom with a desk for our blog on how to decorate childrens room 

Murals and feature walls

Once the base colour is down, you can add children’s wall stickers or a mural to make it a feature wall. This is great for stimulation and making a specific portion of the room a focal point for the eyes. You may paint your mural wall a different colour than the other walls. This is fine; just make sure it doesn’t clash! 

A children’s wall hanging would work just as well here, but we wouldn’t opt for anything too large and dark – again, it might make the room appear small. Don’t be afraid to break with the theme of the rest of your house when you do this – a child’s room should reflect them. So, understandably, it would look different from the rest of the house.

Provide variation in lighting

When decorating a child’s room, lighting is an essential consideration. Your child’s room is a place of adventure, energy and discovery, but it’s also a place to encourage good quality sleep. The lighting in the room should reflect both. Bright top lighting is a must for the former, but the room should have low lighting for evenings to encourage the child to wind down. Mood lighting can be a more fun, atmospheric way of achieving this – you can choose colours for each night this way!

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Memorable patterns

Children grow up remembering their childhood rooms, so make sure they have fond memories! While character themes should generally be avoided, that doesn’t mean children’s room wall art should be boring! Patterns can be inviting pieces of wall art and stimulating for children, so you should get them involved in choosing the right ones. 

Less is more

As we said, bedrooms should encourage children to sleep, relax, and explore. A way to hit both is to ensure you don’t go overboard with the children’s bedroom accessories and decorations. You’ll achieve two things here: the child will enjoy spending time in their room, and the space won’t be overloaded with distractions that might keep their energy levels high close to bedtime. 

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That’s it for our guide on decorating a child’s room. If you need storage – perhaps your child has grown out of their old furniture, and you want to keep them for a younger sibling or you need somewhere to store your decorating materials – Access Self Storage can help.

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