The Access Records Management facility has been providing extensive off-site document management services to a wide range of organisations in the public, private and third sectors for over 20 years.

Offering a range of file management, data protection and information destruction services, our expert team can create a unique package to suit each customer’s needs – giving you the most cost efficient solution possible.

We work with businesses of all sizes, all over the UK, to supply an expert managed service.

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Our complete range of records management services

From straightforward document storage to a tailored full-service package including scanning and barcoding, inventory management, retrieval and delivery and compliant document destruction, we can offer the ideal records management solution for you.

Our records management services include:

Our archive boxes are double-walled for extra strength and are easy to construct.  Watch the video below on how to construct our archive box.

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Records management for the public sector

One of the biggest challenges in the public sector is effective management of documentation and records. Since the public sector often has tighter resources to work with than the private sector, managing an enormous volume of data requires professional expertise.

Access Records Management can work with you to create an off-site document management system to manage all of your records in a reliable, compliant and centralised way.

Government legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulation legally obliges public authorities to supply any requested documentation within 20 working days of the request.

This means that it’s vital for public sector organisations to have a high quality records management system in place to ensure any requested file, record or information can be quickly retrieved at any time.

Access Records Management can help set this up for you and train your staff in how to use our cataloging and inventory system. You’ll also have a secure portal to log in to, allowing you to track documents and view audit trails.

Having worked with many public sector organisations, we understand the sensitive nature of historic documents and highly confidential records.

Our cataloging services help ensure that data stored in confidential archives achieves the highest standards of accuracy in both the retention management and speed of the retrieval process. Use alongside our scan on demand service to always ensure quick electronic retrieval of your documentation.

We’ve set up cost effective and highly operationally efficient document management systems that run for many years, proudly providing public sector bodies with an expert and reliable service.

Records management for the commercial sector

Although most businesses manage digital security and IT systems very well, physical data, reports and documents also require efficient filing systems and archiving. Work with us to securely manage your business’s critical information, document tracking and data handling processes.

Effectively managing your commercial documents helps protect and benefit both your customers and your own business. We can create an effective record management system for you, allowing you to manage all of your records off-site in a cost effective, reliable and centralised way.

In today’s business world, it’s essential to adopt an effective record management system to help protect your business from these risks:

Your records and documents will be protected in a professional, safe and secure location, in accordance with current legislation and standards.

You’ll have rapid access to your files, whilst enjoying peace of mind that your business-critical records are logged with our tracking system, providing you with a history of each document’s movements, by time and person.

After a consultation to gain more insight into your business needs, we’ll build an efficient management solution that will work for you for years to come.

Records management for the third sector

As the sole preferred supplier of record management and storage services to the members of the Charities Buying Group, we’re highly experienced in working with third sector organisations to manage their records and archiving needs.

We understand that cost management is crucial for not-for-profit organisations – alongside the need to be fully compliant with legislation such as privacy laws, data management and more.

We work with:

We can work with you to create an efficient off-site document and records management system that can be tailored to meet both your needs and your budget.

We’re especially experienced in working with organisations to set up their archiving and records management systems fro scratch – so if you don’t know where to begin, we can help.

We also offer certified data destruction services to help you dispose of historic personal or donator information securely and compliantly.

We’re proud to be the sole preferred supplier of records management and storage services to the members of the Charities Buying Group, and some of our charity clients include MenCap and The Alzheimer’s Society.

Our experience has given us a unique understanding of the requirements and challenges that charities face when it comes to record management. We’ll work with you to provide a cost-effective, secure solution.

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