Renting an Access Office and Self Storage Unit

For many new companies and start-ups, a conscious focus on managing costs within the first 12-24 months of trading, is a key driver to survival and success. Curbing expenditure on car, furniture and office rental costs are simple and practical ways to keeping your costs low.

There are two clever ways of keeping your office rental costs down. The first is to share the office space you rent with another start-up. Co-sharing office space will allow you to get more space for your money, as commonly the price per square feet decreases against an increase in square foot rented. The second approach to reducing your office rental cost is to rent just enough space for each desk and to put all other items like stock and filing cabinets into a storage unit.

A typical 100 square foot of office space costs £485 per month however 100 square foot of self storage space costs £245 per month. So, you can see office space costs double that of storage, so it makes good sense to find an office site that also provides convenient, lift accessible storage space.

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