Frequently Asked Questions

About our stores

What is self storage?

Self storage is shorthand for ‘self-service storage’. It can mean any space – such as a room, locker or unit – that you can rent on a short or long-term basis to securely store your possessions in.

Do Access Self Storage offer 24 hour access?

Access Self Storage does not offer unrestricted 24 hour access. 24 hour access approval can only be granted at selected stores by the Store Manager. Our extended/24-hour access policy is governed by our Terms and Conditions, and can be suspended with immediate effect at any time.

How does self storage with Access Self Storage work?

We always aim to make the storage process as quick, simple and flexible as possible for both personal and business customers.

The key stages to storing with us are:

  • Step 1 - Find out what size unit you need and reserve your space at your local store, either online or by contacting your store directly.
  • Step 2 - On moving in day, arrive at the store with your ID. Complete your check-in paperwork (or fill it in it online in advance) and sign your Storage Licence Agreement, then move in your items.
  • Step 3 - Use our secure storage for as long as you need on a monthly rolling basis.
  • Step 4 - When you’re ready to move out, simply give us the agreed amount of notice, before leaving your unit clean and empty.

How do I pay for my storage?

We offer a number of payment options – you can spread the cost with a monthly Direct Debit, or make payments using your credit card, debit card or bank transfer. 

We accept most major credit and debit cards apart from American Express or Diners Club. Unfortunately, we can’t accept cash payments for any of our services

Please take a look at our Costs & Payments section below for more information.

What are the stores’ opening hours?

Our reception opening hours vary from store to store, but are generally:

08.30-18.00 Monday to Friday

08.30-17.00 Saturday

10.00-16.00 Sunday

Many of our stores also offer free 24 hour access (T&C's apply) to your storage unit – please see your local store page for more information.

Do the stores open on bank holidays?

We don’t open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day or Easter Sunday, but our stores are open from 10.00-16.00 on all other bank holidays.

Is there parking on site?

Yes. We offer on site parking spaces for all customers.

Does each store have trolleys available?

Yes. We have trollies available at every store. We also provide pallet trucks and forklifting services at the majority of our stores.

Do you offer a forklifting service?

Yes. We provide a forklifting at the majority of our stores. Please discuss your requirements with your local store manager so that we can outline any related costs and arrange the service for you.

Does each store have lifts?

Yes. The majority of our stores have two lifts. If you have any mobility issues, please ask your local store about ground floor units.

Are the stores accessible for all disabled customers?

Yes. All of our stores offer disabled access. Please contact your local store if you have a specific request, and the team will be more than happy to assist you.

Are the buildings temperature-controlled?

No. None of the Access Self Storage units are temperature controlled, but our reception areas are air conditioned, with heating during cold weather.

Do the stores have WiFi?

Yes, some of our stores offer WiFi in the reception area, and we’re setting up WiFi in more stores depending on demand. Use our store finder to see which stores offer WiFi.

Are there toilets on site?

Yes. Each store has a minimum of one unisex toilet with disabled access on the ground floor, with additional WCs available at larger stores. They may not be available outside of normal office hours.

Are pets allowed to come into the stores?

No. As our stores can be very busy, with high volumes of traffic and forklifts in operation, we do not allow pets. Guide dogs are allowed.

Do Access stores run storage auctions?

No, we don’t run auctions.

About our storage units

What unit size will I need?

This is dependent on the amount and type of items you’d like to store – we offer storage units varying from the size of a locker to the size of a football pitch. Please use our size estimator, or contact your local store where our fully trained team members will be able to help you choose the right unit size for you. The price of each unit depends on its square footage.

What height are the storage units?

The average height is 7ft, although we have units available up to 13ft high. If you have an oversized item to store, we will help you find a storage solution – please contact your local store for more information.

Do any of the units have shelves?

No, but you can buy a racking unit in store, or we can arrange for one to be delivered to you in advance.

Can I have a power supply in my unit?

Yes. You can have power points installed for printers and laptops. However, for safety reasons we can’t power kettles, heaters, heavy duty machinery or any items that could cause a risk, disturbance or concern for other customers. 

If your unit has power installed, you’ll be required to complete PAT testing once a year on the items using power and provide Access Self Storage with a copy of the certificate. We can arrange this for you and simply charge it to your account. 

You’ll also be asked to complete a Fire Risk Assessment, which our staff will work with you to complete. 

There are some costs related to power point installation, such as installation and ongoing electricity costs, all of which will be discussed with you by the store manager before installation.

Do I have to store items in boxes?

No. You can store your items however you like. However, we recommend using boxes to make the most of your unit space and reduce the risk of damage. We sell a range of boxes and packaging materials online and in store.

What you can store

Can I store a fridge or freezer?

Yes. If your fridge or freezer has been cleaned, turned off and de-iced, you can store it on site. For health and safety reasons, we don’t allow operational white goods on site.

Can I store a vehicle?

Yes. Most of our stores offer mid- and long-term vehicle parking plans. Roadworthy vehicles can be stored in a designated, outdoor car parking space in our electronically PIN coded car parks, which are perimeter-fenced and gated. 

To store your vehicle, you’ll need to show us your V5C vehicle registration certificate (log book) and a copy of your valid insurance policy document. If you’re not the vehicle’s legal owner, you must provide a letter from the legal owner confirming that you have the authority to store the vehicle and to sign the contract on their behalf. 

You can pay for vehicle parking by Direct Debit or credit/debit card with one month’s rental as a deposit. When you no longer need to store your vehicle, you can cancel your contract by giving us a month’s notice.

Can I store food and drink?

Unfortunately not.  There are restrictions on the type of property that can be stored, and you must not store any food or perishable items of any kind whatsoever.

Can I store a caravan?

No. We aren’t able to hold caravans.

What restrictions are there on what I can store?

For the safety of all our customers and their goods, the following items cannot be stored:
  • Aerosol cans
  • Cash or securities
  • Explosives
  • Firearms or ammunitions
  • Food
  • Gas canisters
  • Hazardous or toxic products
  • High value or extremely precious goods
  • Illegal goods
  • Live animals or plants
  • Pollutants, contaminated goods or waste
  • Perishable goods
  • Radioactive goods

Can I store someone else’s items?

Yes, as long as the unit is rented in your name. You just need to make sure that the true worth of these items is reflected in your insurance value.

Can I add and remove items to my unit once I've moved in?

Yes. Once you have moved in, you can access your unit as often as you like.

Can I sleep in my unit?

No. This is not part of the Storage Licence agreement, and could be hazardous for you and other customers.


How secure are my belongings?

Security is paramount at all Access Self Storage stores.

Alongside 24 hour digital CCTV, we use two alarm systems (one for the building plus one for your individual unit) and coded electronic access with individual PIN codes, plus a range of fire and smoke detection systems.

All our store teams carry out daily checks, and are trained to regulatory Health & Safety and Fire Marshall standard.

Is there on-site CCTV?

Yes. Digital CCTV is present in and around all our stores and operates 24 hours.

Why do I need a padlock?

For security reasons, only you are permitted access to your unit. Along with your PIN code for your unit’s keypad, a padlock adds an extra level of security and enables you to give access to friends, relatives or colleagues as you choose. To legally gain access, they must be registered to your account first.

How much do padlocks cost?

We sell quality brand secure padlocks and can advise you on the right one for your needs. Ranging from £10-£14, each padlock comes with a 10-year guarantee.

What if I lose my key or forget my PIN?

If you lose your keys or forget your PIN combination, we will ask you to provide proof of identification, answer some security questions and complete a form to reset your security details. We charge a small admin fee for this.

Your contract asks for a Next of Kin contact. What is this?

A Next of Kin contact is the person you want us to contact in case of an emergency. This can be a friend, work colleague or family member.

Does anyone else have to access my unit?

No. As the Storage Licence Agreement is in your name, you are the PIN holder and sole person with access to your unit. However, you can add named family members, friends or colleagues to your account if you would like to share your PIN, access codes and padlock keys.

Can I choose to share access to my unit with someone else?

Yes. You can grant access to someone else as long as they are registered on your account.

How secure is Access Self Storage against online security threats?

Access Self Storage complies with the requirements of the UK Government Cyber Essential Scheme.

Cyber Essentials is a set of basic technical controls to protect organisations against common online security threats. As well as helping to guard against cyber attack, Cyber Essentials demonstrates our commitment to cyber security for our customers and suppliers.

Costs and payments

How much does storage cost?

Costs depend on your unit size, the store’s location and your duration of stay. You can get a quote online, or contact your local store directly to discuss unit size options and prices.

Why do I need Contents Protection for my stored items?

Adequate protection of your goods is a requirement under our terms and conditions, and those of all companies in the industry. The cover must reflect the true value of the items being stored.

Please look below at the Contents Protection section below for more information. 

Does the storage quote I have include Contents Protection?

No. Your storage quote includes rental and VAT, but not Contents Protection. We can arrange Contents Protection for you when you move-in online or in-person at the store.

Do you offer a price match on storage?

Yes. We pride ourselves on being more affordable than our competitors. If you receive a like for like competitive quote from a different storage company, please forward it on to your local store. We will evaluate the information provided and make you a better offer. Read more about our price promise.

How can I pay for my storage unit?

We offer a number of payment options – you can spread the cost with a monthly Direct Debit, or make payments using your credit card or debit card. 

We accept most major credit and debit cards apart from American Express or Diners Club, unfortunately we can’t accept cash or cheque payments.

Do I have to pay a deposit for storage?

No. All we require is a £10 reservation fee to hold your storage unit for you, which we deduct from your rental fee when you move in. 

For office, car parking and office plans, we require a refundable security deposit of a month’s rental (including VAT).

Why do storage prices vary from one store to another?

Storage prices are dependent on location in the same way that property prices are. Put simply, it costs us more to build and maintain our stores in certain locations.

Why do I have to pay in advance for my storage?

We take payments for storage in advance, in the same way as payments are usually taken for property rental. This means we don’t need to carry out credit checks on you. Depending on the payment plan you are on, you may be due a refund if you move out before the end of the month you’ve paid for.

Are there any admin fees when I move in?

There are no additional admin fees, and as you’ve already paid your £10 reservation fee, it will be deducted from your first rental balance.

Unlike our competitors, if you sign up for one of our Direct Debit or Credit Card No Deposit Plans, you won’t be asked for a security deposit.

Are there any hidden storage costs I need to be aware of?

No, there are no hidden costs at Access Self Storage. All our rental prices include VAT. Insurance prices are dependent on the true value of your goods, and padlocks can be purchased in-store with prices ranging from £10-£14.

Can I claim VAT back?

Yes. If you are a VAT registered company, you can claim VAT back. Please contact HMRC for further information.

Is there a discount if I pay for longer-term storage in advance?

Yes. We offer a range of pre-pay discounts including 2, 6 or 12-month storage terms. For further information, please contact your local store.

If I pay by Direct Debit am I covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee?

If you choose Direct Debit as your payment method then you are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. Direct Debit logo

The Direct Debit Guarantee

  • This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debit
  • If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct debit Access Self Storage Limited will notify you 10 working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you request Access Self Storage Limited to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request.
  • If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by Access Self Storage Limited or your bank or building society you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society.
  • If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when Access Self Storage Limited asks you to.
  • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written confirmation may be required. Please also notify us.

How do I change my Direct Debit details and date?

Your direct debit payments are taken the same day each month. If your due date is at the end of the month  (e.g. 29th, 30th or 31st) then it will be taken on the last day of the month.

Please contact your store if you need further information or wish to change your direct debit details or date.

Why have I been charged for my Direct Debit bouncing?

When a Direct Debit is returned by the bank, we charge a small fee to cover the additional costs we incur in processing the payment and arranging an alternative payment.

Do you carry out credit checks?

No. Credit checks are not part of our move in process, although we do require two specific forms of identification before you can store.

Do I have to pay for 24 hour access?

No. Unlike our competitors, we offer this service completely free of charge. Except in our Birmingham, Selly Oak Store.

Do you offer a ‘refer a friend’ discount on storage?

Yes. Subject to conditions and availability, we offer a discount across all Access stores if you refer a friend. Please contact your local store to find out more.

Do you offer a student discount on storage?

Yes. Student storage is available at a 10% discount. To take advantage, please bring a valid NUS card with you when you move in. Also check with your local store, as they may have other discounts for you, too.

Do you charge business rates?

No. We do not charge business rates on self storage units.

What happens to my belongings if I miss a payment?

We do our best to make sure this never happens, and will contact you to request payment in advance. However, if you miss a payment or think you will struggle to meet your next monthly payment, please discuss your options with your store manager as soon as possible.

Contents Protection

Is Contents Protection compulsory?

Yes. Whilst in storage, protection of your goods is a requirement under our terms and conditions, and those of all storage companies in the industry.

The cover must reflect the true value of the items being stored.

What is the minimum Contents Protection required?

Our minimum Contents Protection covers your items for £4,000, even if the value is less.

We can arrange this for you at a cost of £25 per month. Ensure you state the true value of your items for the appropriate level of cover.

How is Contents Protection calculated?

Access Self Storage can arrange competitive, storage-specific cover – starting at our minimum level of £25 per month (covering items worth up to £4,000).


The higher the value of goods covered, the less you’d pay in monthly premiums. You can select the cover you need when moving-in online or you can contact your local store.

Do I have to take my Contents Protection out with Access Self Storage, or can I use a different insurer?

You can arrange your insurance with any insurer you choose, provided they complete a standard letter confirming details of your storage requirements and that the stated perils are covered.

For more information please contact your local store. Before you move in, you’ll need to provide your store team with proof of your insurance policy.

Can I get online storage Contents Protection from Access Self Storage?

Yes. As part of the online move-in process, you will be able to select the right cover of Contents Protection for the goods you store with us.

If you decide to move-in at the store you can contact the store directly to discuss the value of cover you need.

Preparing to store

Can I move in today?

Yes, you can. Visit your nearest store and a team member will help you complete the Storage Licence Agreement. You’ll need to show suitable proof of identity (such as a passport), proof of your UK address (such as a recent utility bill or bank statement) and a means of payment other than cash. After that, you can move in straight away.

What is the minimum storage term?

Our contracts are on a flexible, rolling month basis. You can store from as little as one day, but you'll always need to pay the minimum notice period of your Storage Licence Agreement.

Minimum notice periods are:

  • Domestic customers: 7 days
  • Bulk customers (any unit size of 500 sq ft): 1 month
  • Car parking customers: 1 month
  • Any units over 5,000 sq ft: 90 days
  • Office tenants: 2 months

Should I reserve my storage space?

You don’t have to reserve your storage unit, but it’s a good idea if you want to guarantee your space. You can reserve as far in advance as you like. 

Reserving space can be done quickly and easily here on our website, or by contacting your local store directly. The reservation fee is £10 and is refunded against the rental cost when you move in.

How can I cancel storage space that I reserved?

Simply notify your store via email, telephone or in writing before your move-in date. Please make sure you provide your details  so that we can process your reservation fee refund.

Can I change the size of my storage space after I’ve moved in?

Yes. Subject to availability, you can alter the size of your unit at any time – just ask us.

Do I have to sign a contract for storage?

Yes. Before you move in, you’ll need to sign a Storage Licence Agreement and be issued with full terms and conditions of storage. Our staff will explain these to you and answer any questions you may have.

Can someone else sign the contract on my behalf?

No. The Storage Licence Agreement is legally taken out in the name of the person who signs it.

However, if you’ve reserved a unit in your name but aren’t available on move-in day to sign the Storage Licence Agreement, someone else can sign it instead, as long as they have adequate ID. 

This means they would be signing to say either (i) that the items are theirs, or (ii) that you’ve given them permission to store your items in their name. The account would be in their name and they would have to abide by the conditions of the Storage Licence Agreement. 

If you then wanted to change the Agreement to be in your name, you’d need to come into a store with your ID and the individual whose name the Agreement is currently in. You can then both sign the paperwork to transfer it to your name.

I’m a personal storage customer. What ID do I need to supply when setting up my contract?

For the security of our stores and our customers, it is vital that we know who has access to our units.

When signing the Storage Licence Agreement, personal storage customers need to provide:

  • Photo ID – such as a UK/EU passport or valid full UK Photocard Driving License
  • Proof of UK address – such as a bank statement or a utility bill for the current period (i.e. monthly or quarterly)

For full details of our ID requirements please click here.

If you do not have photo ID, please contact your local store for advice.

I’m a business storage customer. What ID do I need to provide when setting up my contract?

For the security of our stores and our customers, it is vital that we know who has access to our units.

When signing the Storage Licence Agreement, business storage customers need to provide:

  • Evidence that the company is valid – such as a registration number which can be verified on the Companies House website
  • A completed purchase order, a letter of acknowledgement from the company’s solicitor or a copy of an invoice sent to the company at the current trading address
  • A letter of authority from a senior company member, stating that the individual who is signing the contract has the authority to act on behalf of the business

The person signing the contract also needs to provide:

  • Photo ID – such as a UK/EU passport or valid full UK Photocard Driving License
  • Proof of UK address – such as a bank statement or a utility bill for the current period (i.e. monthly or quarterly)

    What does ‘checking in’ mean?

    When you’re ready to move your items in, you’ll need to complete some final ‘check in’ paperwork first. This paperwork confirms that you’re fully aware of the terms of the Storage Licence Agreement, as well as the terms and conditions of storing with us. 

    It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete in store, but almost all of the check in forms can also now be completed here on our website in advance and simply signed at the store when you move in. 

    We recommend customers check in online if possible to make the moving in process faster and more convenient.

    Packaging and transporting your items

    Do I have to use Access boxes?

    No. You can store items however you choose and you’re free to use your own boxes, though our packaging material offers great strength and durability.

    Do you have any discounts on boxes and packaging?

    Yes. We offer 5 multi-box packs for the price of 4, packaging discounts for new customers and a range of discounts on bulk buying. You can order packaging materials online and have them delivered to you, or buy in store.

    Do you have to have a storage unit to be able to buy packaging?

    No. Anyone can buy packaging materials from us, and we offer a range of products online, delivered straight to your home or collected in store.

    Do you sell boxes and packing materials and padlocks

    Yes. We sell a full range of packing materials both in store and online. Our multi-packs offer significant savings compared to buying individual items, and if you order from our online boxes and packaging shop, you can collect in store or we can deliver them direct to your door.

    What is your returns policy for packaging?

    Any unopened products or packaging in good condition can be returned to any store for a refund within 14 days, as long as you have your order confirmation as proof of purchase.

    How do I return an unwanted packaging order?

    If you ordered online, please contact us on 0808 278 2710 before the items have been delivered. If your order still arrives, simply decline delivery and the courier will return the parcel to us. 

    If you’ve received your order, you can return products to any store for a refund as long as you have your order confirmation as proof of purchase. 

    Do you provide a packing service?

    We don’t provide a packing service, but your store team can recommend reputable local companies. Tell them you are using Access Self Storage and you may get a discount.

    Do you offer van hire?

    We don’t provide van hire, but we can recommend reputable local companies. Every store can give you details of at least two local removal firms. Tell them you are using Access Self Storage and you may get a discount.

    Moving in to your storage unit

    Can a removal company deliver or collect my items without me being there?

    Yes. If you’ve already signed your Storage Licence Agreement, you can arrange a removal company to deliver or collect your items for you. 

    You’ll need to authorise the removal company to access your unit first, with both the Access store and the removal company itself. They’re then free to load your items in or out without you being present.

    However, if you haven’t signed your Storage Licence Agreement yet, you need to be present with your ID to sign it before the removal company can load your items in.

    Do I have to be there on moving in day?

    Yes. If you haven’t signed your Storage Licence Agreement yet, you need to be present on moving in day with your ID to sign your Agreement before you can access your unit. 

    However, if you’ve signed it in advance, you can arrange a removal company to deliver your items for you.

    You’ll need to authorise the removal company to access your unit first, with both the Access store and the removal company itself. They’re then free to load your items in or out without you being present.

    Will you help me unload and get my goods into my unit?

    Although we can recommend removal services and van hire companies to help you transport your personal items, unfortunately our members of staff are unable to help you unload or transfer your items into your unit for insurance reasons.

    If you use a removal services or van hire companies we recommend, tell them you’re using Access Self Storage and they may offer you a discount.

    Can I drive the forklift?

    No. For safety reasons, only fully licenced staff members are permitted to operate a forklift.

    Do you accept deliveries on my behalf?

    Yes. Once you have signed your Storage Licence Agreement and moved your items in, you can sign a disclaimer allowing us to accept additional or occasional deliveries on your behalf and keep them in one of our holding units free of charge for 24 hours. 

    Moving out of your storage unit

    Can you recycle or sell any items I leave behind?

    No. If anything is left on site, a charge will be applied to your account. If you need to dispose of any items, please ask us in advance for the contact details of local disposal companies.

    What happens if I don’t give notice?

    If you forget to give notice before you move out, we’ll apply the relevant notice period and associated rental charges to your account once your unit is vacated. 

    Please remember to inform us of any change of address, as you may be due a refund if you’ve paid in advance. 

    What happens when I’m ready to move out?

    When you’re ready to move out, just give notice in writing, via email, in store, over the phone or through our contact centre.

    Please include your full name, address, unit number and the date you wish to vacate your unit.

    Minimum notice periods are:

    • Personal storage customers: from 7 days
    • Bulk customers (any unit size of 500 sq ft): 1 month
    • Car parking customers: 1 month
    • Any units over 5,000 sq ft: 90 days
    • Office tenants: 1 month

    When the time comes for you to provide notice you will be given confirmation from the store that it has been applied.

    To make sure you don’t incur any charges, please leave your unit completely empty and clean, and remove your padlock.

    We will then calculate whether you’re owed a refund for any storage days you won’t be using, which will be refunded to you. 

    How can I give notice to move out?

    You can give notice to move out in writing, or via email.

    When you give notice, please include your full name, address, unit number and the date you wish to vacate your unit. 

    Do I need to leave my room clean and empty when I move out?

    Yes. The unit should be left in the same condition that it was in when you arrived.

    Services for businesses

    Do you offer any options for using multiple storage sites?

    Yes. If your business requires storage in more than one location, you can set up a national account with us, giving you access to multiple storage units for one monthly fee.

    Can I work out of my storage unit?

    No. We can’t allow customers to work out of their storage units, but they can be used for stock and archiving.

    What other business services do you provide?

    As well as business storage, we pride ourselves on offering a range of services for businesses. These include:

    Please contact your local store to find out which services it offers.

    Can I rent office space from Access Self Storage?

    Yes. Flexible office space is available to rent at several of our stores. Please see our Office Plan guidelines for more information, or contact your local store.