Moving house tips for a better, less stressful move

20 September 2022
Moving home is never easy. In fact, it is classed as being one of the most stressful life events. Starting a new life and changing your habits in a new environment, can be exciting but also tiring, both physically and mentally.

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Starting on the right foot and taking an organised approach to your move is key for you to stay on top of everything and enjoy the process. That is why the team at Access Self Storage has compiled some handy moving house tips to make sure you focus on the positives and avoid unnecessary stress when moving home.

There is no one-size-fits-all guide for moving, but these house moving hacks should help improve your move.

Plan your packing

The ink is dry and you’re excited for your move – now it’s time to start prepping everything for the big day. Packing for moving house can be overwhelming, between memories, furniture, boxes and bags, there can be a lot to pack. But the less you take with you, the easier your move is going to be when starting fresh.

One of the best ways to pack for a move is to start by organising everything into three categories: items that need to be kept until moving day, those that can be boxed and prepared for the move and finally, things you are ready to let go. If you can’t decide whether to get rid of certain items, you could put them in self storage and make up your mind later.

Declutter before you go

Getting rid of clutter before your move will make the moving process easier and create space in your home. By throwing away items that you are not using anymore, you will have less to clean, organise and relocate. If you are struggling with decluttering, think about donating items to charity. Ask yourself the following questions: “is it important that I save this and if so, why?”, “do I have similar items?”, and “when was the last time I used it?”

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Label your boxes

Clearly label each box with the room it belongs to and a description of its contents. This is one of the classic moving house tips because it makes unpacking simpler and faster – and reduces the chances that any of your possessions get lost.

Pack an “essentials” box

On moving day, pack an essentials box that you can leave on the top of the pile, or even next to you on the front seat of the car. This box is your “Swiss Army Knife” and will help with the little hurdles you come up against on moving day. It can include things like:

This is a great house moving hack, since it saves the stress of digging around at the bottom of a box for the essentials.

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Have your move-in documents in order

From medical documents to contracts and rental agreements, keep your documents safe and gather them into a folder. This will ensure that everything is on hand when you need it. Consider having both a digital and hard copy so you’re prepared for any circumstances.

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Organise an online food shop

The last thing you need to do on moving day is worry about going to the supermarket. Avoid this by organising an online food shop to be delivered to your new home. This will ensure you are not carrying food from home to home or going to the shops on such a busy day.

After all your efforts organising, you can finally start familiarising yourself with your new home. Explore the nooks and crannies of your new home, make sure everything is in order and note down any issues which need your attention. Most importantly, plan to change the door lock as a safety precaution.

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Consider self storage

One of the most de-stressing moving house tips is to use self storage as an in-between place so you can reduce the amount you need to move on the big day.

If you need a hand during your move, Access Self Storage is here to help. From our packing material range and our secure storage units, we’ll do everything we can to improve your move.

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