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A guide to your summer storage!

Explore our essential guide for students on summer storage solutions. Discover practical tips for decluttering, smart packing, and securing your belongings, whether you're traveling or staying local. Need a storage unit? Find nearby options and get a quick quote!

Summer Storage for Students

26 January 2024

Navigate Through Our Comprehensive Guide to Summer Storage for Students

The summer holidays are on their way, which presents students with a wonderful opportunity for travel, relaxation, and fun.

The holiday break also creates a common dilemma: your accommodation rental period finishes, and you need to move out, or even if your lease extends throughout the year, how safe will your belongings be in the empty house?

Bottom line is you need some storage hacks to help you get organised and keep your stuff safe over the summer.

Here's some ideas.

Student Storage for Summer

Declutter and Donate

Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter and in need of some extra storage space?

Before you rush into self storage, take a moment to consider a different approach. Decluttering and donating your items can not only help you reduce your problem but also make a positive impact on others. It's a win-win situation!

Imagine how great it would feel to have a clean and organized space while also knowing that you've helped others in need. By donating items you no longer need, you can free up space without the need for self storage.

Take the first step towards a clutter-free life and make a difference today. Gather your belongings, donate what you can, and enjoy the benefits of decluttering. Start by clicking here to find local donation centres in your area!


De-bulk! Less Stuff, More Summer Adventures

With vacuum storage bags, you can instantly de-bulk and create more room for your summer adventures!
These bags are not only space-efficient, but they also protect your fabrics during storage, ensuring they stay fresh and ready to use whenever you need them. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a tidy and organized space!
You know how important it is to make the most out of your living space. These vacuum storage bags are the perfect solution for saving space and keeping your belongings safe. 
Imagine having all the room you need for your clothes, bedding, and towels without the hassle of bulky storage containers. 
Simplify your life and have more time for the things you love! Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your summer adventures even better.


University Storage

Before you rush off to a local self storage facility, did you know that many colleges and universities offer storage services right on campus?
Imagine the convenience of

having your belongings safely stored just steps away from your dorm room or campus housing. 
But don't worry if your school doesn't have this option – Access Self Storage is here to help with all your storage needs!


Rent a Storage Unit

So, you've reduced your storage needs to the minimum, and checked that there's no campus-based storage service? 
Now it's time to explore local self storage facilities - they generally offer short term storage units of various sizes on a flexible basis. 
Check whether they have any introductory discounts too. 
But do bear in mind that their smaller units often get booked up - so try to avoid leaving it to the last minute to reserve a unit.
These are the common summer storage for students:

Box Storage Solution:

We'll pick up your items, store them securely at our state-of-the-art facilities, and return them when you need them.
Convenient and hassle-free storage solution.
Items are kept safe and secure in state-of-the-art facilities.
Easy retrieval of items when needed.
Saves space and reduces clutter in your home or office. Get a quick quote.

9 sq ft Locker:

Think suitcases, lamps, and your trusty microwave. This secure, easily accessible locker is perfect for minimalists or solo adventurers. Bonus: pick-up & delivery options available!
Perfect for minimalists or solo adventurers.
Secure and easily accessible locker.
Suitable for storing suitcases, lamps, and small appliances like microwaves.
Convenient pick-up and delivery options available. Get a quick quote.

10 sq ft Unit

: Got a bit more gear? Bedding, clothes, and small furniture find their happy home here. Ideal for light packers or solo summer escapes. Say goodbye to dorm room clutter!
Provides additional storage space for bedding, clothes, and small furniture.
Perfect for individuals who prefer a minimalist lifestyle or are traveling solo during the summer.
Eliminates clutter and helps organize dorm rooms effectively.
Offers a convenient storage solution for those with slightly more belongings or gear. Get a quick quote.

16-20 sq ft Units:

Bringing the whole crew? These units are your roomies' best friends! Bikes, larger furniture, and seasonal gear all fit comfortably. Perfect for shared summer adventures or extended study breaks.
Provides enough space to accommodate bikes, larger furniture, and seasonal gear.
Ideal for shared summer adventures or extended study breaks.
Allows for comfortable living for a bigger group of people.
Offers convenience and ample storage space for a crew's belongings. Get a quick quote.

25+ sq ft Units:

Need space for epic plans? Think kayaks, bikes, the entire dorm room (beanbags included!), or off-season belongings. Ideal for sharing with your whole crew or storing everything until you return.
Provides ample space for storing large items such as kayaks and bikes.
Can accommodate the entire contents of a dorm room, including beanbags.
Ideal for sharing with a group of people to store belongings together.
Perfect for storing off-season belongings until they are needed again. Get a quick quote.

And much more units’ sizes for self storage.

Student Storage for Summer

Sharing is Caring

Let's be honest, everyone wants to save money where they can, right? 
So, see if you can team up with some friends to share the storage unit and the costs too! And don't forget to ask if there are any additional discounts for students.


Smart Packing

Be super-efficient by packing as efficiently as possible. It will save space and reduce the risk of damaging items. Label the boxes and create an inventory list so you don't forget what you have stored.
Most good storage companies sell high quality boxes and packaging - using sturdy boxes designed for the job will pay off as you can stack them efficiently and they won't fall apart. 
Remember to put the heavy item at the bottom of boxes and don't overfill - remember you have to carry them. Having said that, if you are planning on storing luggage you may as well use it to store other items to save space.

Think Digital

Get good cloud storage and use it. Anything you can do to avoid the need for storing paperwork, hard drives, DVDs will save you space and money.

Think About Security

Make sure you use a reputable storage company that has controlled access, alarmed units, CCTV, and individual locking units. Don't cut corners on security.

With some good planning, that isn't left until the last minute, students can store their stuff over the summer safely and without breaking the bank.