5 cost saving ideas for the workplace

19 June 2019

Saving money in business is difficult – renting office space, marketing your product, and hiring top talent can be expensive. But there are ways you can trim down costs, which will help save the company money.

We’ve spoken to a couple of experts to get some cost saving ideas for the workplace that are easy to implement.

Lots of cost saving ideas for the workplace are easy to implement. Check out our tips to help save your company money.

Invest in your staff benefits

Keep the staff that you need (and save money on replacing them) by investing in them and treating them well. HR consultant Sue Andrews suggests reviewing staff benefits regularly to make sure they align with what your staff actually want, whilst also saving you money on benefits they don’t use.

Sue said: “Look for cheaper options that give staff real value, such as employee discount schemes. Many online platforms, which give staff access to discounts and cashback, can be really low cost for employers to join and the site can also be branded with your logo, so staff associate the benefit directly with your company.”

Ask for ‘bulk buy’ discounts

Nick Pollitt, Managing Director at Diamond Interiors, says that many office furniture suppliers offer 'bulk buy' discount rates based on volumes purchased, and recommends asking about them when you request a quote. He said: “For new businesses just starting out it may be daunting having more desks than people, but it'll definitely come in handy later on down the road as you start to grow.”

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Consider flexible workspaces

Flexible working allows for savings on furniture and running costs. Sue said: “Hot-desking saves on office space and equipment and reduces your heating and lighting costs compared to a larger workspace. With mobile devices it’s easy for staff to work more flexibly and many staff prefer this type of arrangement anyway.”

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Lots of cost saving ideas for the workplace are easy to implement. Check out our tips to help save your company money.

Use personal passcodes on printers and photocopiers

Another way of saving money in business is to implement personal access codes on printers and photocopiers so that you can track exactly what’s printed and by whom. Sue says this will prevent staff printing unnecessary documents because “people tend to take more care over what they’re printing if they know it can be tracked.”

Lockers for personal storage

Finally in our list of cost saving ideas for the workplace, Nick suggests buying lockers for personal storage for your staff as they “tend to be cheaper than individual pedestal storage and allow you to use smaller desk footprints and may lead to savings on your rental costs per square foot/metre.”

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