A guide to motorcycle storage

27 September 2019

Motorcycles are pretty robust vehicles, but they need to be protected from the elements to keep them in top shape. That’s why motorcycle storage is essential – when done right, it’ll keep your motorcycle on the road for longer. Here are our top tips for storing your motorcycle the right way.

Your guide to motorcycle storage

Keep it indoors if possible

For starters, your motorcycle storage solution should ideally be inside. Carole Champion, director at Needles & Pins UK Ltd, says:  “Try to keep your bike away from windows and sunlight to deter thieves and stop your paintwork from fading.” Carole also suggests making sure your storage area is clean and dry, to, “prevent moisture getting at your bike and causing any damage”. You might want to invest in a shed or a motorcycle storage unit. Armadillo Boxes has a range of motorcycle sheds made from galvanised steel.

Clean it before it goes in storage

Cleaning your motorcycle before it goes into storage will help you avoid dirt and salt festering while it sits idle. Carole continues: “You should ensure that the bike is completely dry once you have finished. Waxes and anti-corrosive polishes are also advisable in case any moisture gets under your bike’s cover.” Don’t need to worry about moisture if storing inside however!

Get it off the ground

Charles Stubbings, account manager at Moneybarn, suggests keeping your bike off the ground to avoid tyres taking the motorbike’s weight and going flat: “Using stands will take the pressure off and ensure suspension longevity. If using stands isn’t an option, an alternative is to put a layer of old carpet between the tyre and the floor, which will ease the pressure and avoid damage. Ideally, if you can rotate the wheels every few weeks while the bike is in storage, this can help to prevent flat spots.”

Maintain battery life

If you’re putting your motorcycle in storage for a while, you’ll need to consider the battery. Of course, you can do this by taking the battery out and reattaching it when you ride again. Charles suggests using a maintenance charger as it’s, “simple to use, easy to connect and will keep everything charged all winter without causing any damage to your battery”.

Your guide to motorcycle storage

Finally, if outside - keep it covered

If you are storing outside, then covering your motorcycle is important to protect it from dust, dents and scratches, as well as bugs taking up residence. If you want to go the bespoke route, Needles & Pins UK Ltd’s motorcycle covers are made to measure in-house by their team of seamstresses. Alternatively, you could use an old sheet or blanket. Just make sure it’s breathable – you don’t want to trap moisture inside.

Don’t have space for motorcycle storage at home? Access Self Storage can help. We have self storage units across the country, which you can use to store your bike*, including Access Self Storage Bristol, Access Self Storage Wimbledon and Access Self Storage Southampton. Our facilities are clean, dry and secure.

*All mechanical equipment such as motorbikes, cars or lawnmowers must be cleaned and drained of petrol or oil, before storing.