How to store seasonal clothes

27 April 2022
We all get to choose what we’d like to wear… within reason. You may love that overcoat you got for Christmas last year, but summer is creeping up on us now and not roasting should definitely take priority! But the question then is, what should you do with all those winter clothes you can’t wear anymore? Happily, we’re on hand to help. Here’s our take on the best ways to store seasonal clothes.

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Define what is and isn’t seasonal

The first thing to mention is there’s a bit of subjectivity here. Of course, a woolly hat and an overcoat would fall under “winter clothing,” but some things are more ambiguous. A jumper is commonly associated with the colder months but, when it’s warmer in the day but still a bit chilly in the evening, a jumper can make all the difference. There’s a bit of a continuum here between “warm” and “cold”. It can also be quite a personal choice – after all, some of us get cold more easily than others.

With this in mind, it’s worth asking yourself the question “what do I feel comfortable in during this time of the year?” There may be some trial and error involved, but “test driving” borderline clothing in the current weather is a sure-fire way to know. On that note, be sure to check out the weather forecasts – we do have some pretty erratic weather patterns after all, so a bit of flexibility might be needed in your wardrobe!

Make sure the clothes are clean

Now that you’ve decided which items you’re going to store, it’s a great idea to ensure that everything is nice and clean. You might be tempted to put this off until it’s time to wear the clothes again, but any stains these items have will only get worse in storage. Therefore, it’s well worth taking the time to give everything a good clean before you store seasonal clothes

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Increase your storage capacity

Depending on how into fashion you are, you might find a rather large pile of clothes at this point. That’s why it’s important to understand how you can make the most of the space you have. A great place to start is any suitcase you have lying around. All you need to do here is give it a clean and it’s the perfect place to store seasonal clothes!

But trying to store all your winter clothes in a small space is a tall order. Maybe you filled up your case and still have loads of items left? Plastic boxes are your friend! They are cheap, clean and a great “under the bed” option for when you’re short of space for storing seasonal clothes. If you want to go even cheaper, cardboard boxes work just as well – and they’re greener too. Just make sure you give them a wipe down before you use them though, you don’t want insects in with your clothes.  

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An image of someone preparing to declutter for our blog on how to store seasonal clothes

Choose the right space

To make sure that everything stays in good condition when you store seasonal clothes, be sure to choose the right storage space. Ideally you want somewhere dark, dry and not too warm. Many people opt for basements or attics when storing clothes in this case. This seems like a sensible option, but you need to be careful that the ventilation is adequate. Many homes in the UK suffer from poor ventilation, resulting in a build-up of mould. You can be proactive here and buy a dehumidifier before you set about storing your clothes and, if you have one, the garage is also a great option.

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Save your colours

You wouldn’t want colour transfers to occur in the washing machine and neither should you here! A little tissue paper can make all the difference. Acid-free tissue paper will prevent colour transfer when storing in boxes and containers. It also stops any badges or other embellishments on clothes from snagging and coming off… the horror.

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To hang or to fold?

Now, space might necessitate a bit of a compromise here, but as a general rule of thumb: clothes that could stretch easily if hung should be folded and pieces that are particularly vulnerable to creasing (like shirts) should be hung. That was simple, wasn’t it?

Safeguarding from moths

It’s not really something most of us think about, but yes, you may come back to tatters if you don’t take care to store seasonal clothes properly. It would be a tragedy to find one of your favourite pieces is full of holes come next winter, when you just can’t wait to wear it again. Thankfully, there’s a pretty easy fix for this – moth balls! These little discs release evaporated insecticide that will get to work as soon as you put them in with your clothes and can last up to three months.

Another great storage idea is a walk-in wardrobe. Here’s how you can design your own walk-in wardrobe!

General organising

Even though this article mostly addresses how to store seasonal clothes from winter, here are a couple of tips on how to organise clothes in general. Some of us (and we aren’t pointing any fingers here) like to drape our entire wardrobe on a chair to the point where it disappears completely. But we can do better than that!

Not having a fancy wardrobe is not an issue, clothes racks are just as good! We won’t suggest that everyone colour codes their clothes, some feel the need whilst others don’t. But, organising your clothes into groups: jumpers, t-shirts, trousers, and so on isn’t just going to make your room look prettier, it’s going to give your mental health a boost too!

We hope you found this little guide helpful. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool (no pun intended) shopaholic, you might also find it helpful to store seasonal clothes elsewhere.

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