Walk in wardrobes: How to design your own

17 November 2019
What do Cher Horowitz from Clueless and Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City have in common? Fabulous walk-in wardrobes. The ultimate sign of luxury, walk-in wardrobes keep your prized fashion items on full display and give you loads of space to change.

But you don’t need a mansion to have one – more modern walk in wardrobes can be made to fit the space that you’ve got.

Here are some ideas for walk-in wardrobes to get you started.

What makes a luxury walk-in wardrobe?

Ashleigh Hanwell, Senior Designer at Kindred Bedrooms says there are a few ways to make your walk-in closet feel luxurious: “For me, luxury can be introduced in a number of ways: through the finish of the wardrobe itself, through the size of the space and the shape of the wardrobe, and through the finishing touches. If you’re lucky enough to have a large space to work with then installing one that spans an entire wall or 3 walls in a u-shape can make the room feel grand, even more so if the space has a plush seating area or a beautiful dressing table.”

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How big should walk in wardrobes be?

Ashleigh says that before considering size, you should consider what you want to use your closet for. “It’s important to consider how you would like your wardrobe to function - for example, will you find it difficult to keep clothing organised if your wardrobe is open, would it be more practical to have a hinged one with a combination of doors and drawers? Or, do you want an open wardrobe for the aesthetics? It would also be helpful to assess what it is that you will be storing in the wardrobe, whether you need additional space to get ready, and whether you will have wall space for a mirror if you decide to go for an open wardrobe.”

“If you decide in the beginning that your dressing room will be used for more than just storing your clothes, then you will need to design it to reflect this. For example, if you plan on using the space to do your hair and make-up, then an integrated dressing table could be a great addition. It would also be practical to think about electrical sockets if you need to be able to plug in a hair dryer and hair straighteners.”

How do you organise walk in wardrobes?

In terms of organising your wardrobe, Simon Tchnerniak, Senior Designer for Neville Johnson, suggests using different types of storage that are made for the clothes you have, and maximise your space. “Organise your wardrobe by utilising all available space by including pull-down hanging rails and upper shelving for out of season clothing. Inbuilt shoe carousels and deep drawers are also ideal for hard to store objects such as handbags and bedding. Full length areas accommodate longer items like dresses and coats, whilst shorter clothing like skirts and tops can be hung above drawers to maximise storage potential. Bespoke trinket shelves, tie racks and jewellery hooks complete an organised walk-in wardrobe, housing all items together.”

What is the best colour for walk in wardrobes?

“In terms of colour, a deep walnut or a warm, gloss Cashmere oozes luxury, especially when paired with full mirror doors and ambient lighting” says Ashleigh.

So there you have it, a beginner’s guide to getting your very own corner of fashion paradise!

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