Express Solicitors and Access Self Storage: a spacious partnership

23 May 2014
At the end of 2017, Express Solicitors moved out of our Manchester branch. The company was with us from early 2014 and we enjoyed working with the team immensely. We sat down with the firm’s Operations Analyst Emma Carl to talk about how Express Solicitors found its time with us.  

Express Solicitors Office

But first, what is Express Solicitors?

Express Solicitors is a top UK law firm, founded in 2000. It’s based in Manchester and specialises in personal injury claims.

Its main aim is to help people receive due compensation for any accident or injury they may have experienced – and takes a ‘no win, no fee’ approach. Broadly speaking, the team provides legal personal injury assistance that covers work accidents, road accidents, public liability and clinical negligence. 


Express Solicitors Office

A growing business

2017 was a great year for Express Solicitors and the firm grew to 22 partners and a total of 200 employees, including 37 practicing solicitors. And the success didn’t end there, the company was also ranked in The Legal 500 and The Lawyer UK 200!

What really sets the firm apart is that it really cares about its clients. If you ever happen to meet an ‘Express Solicitor’, you’ll see what we mean - they’re empathic, respectful and committed to helping the people they work with.

However, the challenge with doing well and growing fast is that a business very quickly runs out of office space. Just before our relationship began, the business bought another company and suddenly didn’t have any space for all the extra stuff (lots of spare office furniture!) that inevitably comes as part of the deal.

Storage space

Express Solicitors spent some time looking around for a solution to its lack of space. It needed somewhere to put all sorts of extra office furniture and files, like cabinets, desks and so on.

The firm met with the Access Self Storage Manchester branch in early 2014 and immediately took to our friendly yet professional attitude. It was important to Express Solicitors to choose a supplier that Emma and the team could develop a great working relationship with.

Of course, it also helped that Access’ entry deals meant that our self storage prices were the most attractive on offer. 

In the three and a half years that Express Solicitors was with Access, it used four business storage units. This helped the firm to manage its growth smoothly, and it allowed our flexibility to stand out. If the firm needed to up-size or down-size, sell furniture or store more at a moment’s notice, the Access team made it all possible. Express Solicitors left us in December 2017 -  after renovation of both its buildings.

Emma says, “We stayed with Access for so long because we were able to build such great relationships with the team. It’s a fun, friendly and very professional company. It was a great experience.”.

Onwards and upwards

What does the future hold for Express Solicitors?

The company plans to keep doing what it does so well – providing compassionate and comprehensive legal advice to injured people - and is looking forward to seeing where that takes the business. The goal is to reach £20m turnover by 2020. Given the firm’s successful track record to-date, we have no doubt it will manage it.

For more information about our self storage Manchester branch, self storage prices, or business storage options, get in touch today.