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Access Self Storage Nottingham
48-50 Queens Road
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If you’re looking for Long Eaton self storage, our local branch is a short drive away in Nottingham. Storing smaller, lighter items? It’s a 20 minute train journey from Long Eaton to our location near Nottingham Station. If you’re carrying a heavier load, however, it’s a convenient 20-minute drive up the A6005 past University Boulevard.

Alongside secure, personal and business storage, Access Self Storage’s location in Nottingham provides flexible office space, vehicle parking with large vehicle access, telephone answering, and a receipt and dispatch facility. Offering forklift services, free pallet trucks and 24/7 access to units, it’s the most convenient way to store your belongings and goods in the entire Midlands region.

Sandwiched between Nottingham and Derbyshire and located close to the Peak District, Long Eaton is perhaps best known as prime real estate. But the area itself has plenty to make its 45,000 residents proud. Take the new-look town centre: where it used to be full of noisy automotive bustle, it’s now a fully pedestrianised shopper’s delight. Surrounded by picturesque, protected pre-Victorian buildings such as the Church of St. Laurence and the Blue Bell, there are certainly worse places you can go to pick up a few things. But quite often it’ll end up being much more than ‘a few’ things: you can leave home with the best intentions and come back with enough to fill up your house. You don’t have to kick people out to make room just yet: get secure Long Eaton self storage instead!

The town isn’t exclusively full of large retail shops, though. If you’ve lived here long enough, chances are you’ll have been to the Long Eaton Community Carnival, which hosts all sorts of entertainment – and a number of local business owners selling food, drink, and assorted wares. Of course, the question for many of these business owners is where to keep their stall outside of the June festivities. Our storage units near Long Eaton could be the perfect answer!

Long Eaton isn’t all business though – there’s plenty of fun to be had here too. If your kids are young aspiring musicians, they can look up to Long Eaton Silver Prize Band’s example: they’ve won several awards, including national competitions, and would-be Duke Ellingtons could certainly do worse than joining this jazz collective. Of course, when they’re moving on from Wilsthorpe Community School or Trent College to study at university, you may wonder what you’re supposed to do with that big tuba. They won’t be best pleased if you throw it away, so why not keep it in our storage near Long Eaton?!

For storage in Long Eaton, Burston, or other local areas, check out Access Self Storage Nottingham  – or, if you’d prefer self storage in Derbyshire, check out our branch on Osmaston Park Road in Derby.

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