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UK student discount – all the best offers

Are you always feeling broke? Student life can do that to a person. But you don’t have to suffer forever! If you knew where to find the best UK student discount offers, you could certainly make your money go further. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best deals out there. 

If you’re a student, there are so many things you can get without paying full price. Here’s a list of the best UK student discounts we could find.
  1. 10% off on a new bike
    UK student discount - Raleigh Bike Want to get around more easily and cheaply? Owning a bicycle would kill two birds with one stone! To get you a step closer to owning your own bike Raleigh offers a 10% student discount on all its bicycles. All you have to do is register and verify your student status online.

  2. Money off your next haircut
    Are you constantly being told you look ‘scruffy’ but you just find going for a haircut seriously expensive? If this sounds familiar, students in London should definitely visit Ted’s Grooming Room. You’ll be looking like the respectable child your mother raised again in no time.

  3. 33.3% (or a third) off rail travel
    UK student discount - rail travelThe best discounts are those on items you would’ve had to buy anyway. The 16-25 Railcard falls into this category. While you have to pay £30 for the card, you will get a third off all your rail travel for an entire year, so you’ll make your money back in no time (and save loads!).

  4. 50% off on self storage
    Time for a bit of shameless self-promotion. Do you need somewhere to store your stuff while you’re on holiday? Or perhaps you’re moving to new accommodation? You need to look no further than Access Self Storage for students! We offer some of the best UK student discount deals with 50% off for up to eight weeks of storage to all new student customers. And, for London based students, our storage by the box service is ideal if you just want to keep a few things.

  5. 10% off a desk (or chair)
    UK student discount - desk and chair Do you firmly believe you’d do better at your studies if only you had a really comfortable environment to study in? Then this offer is for you! If you use the voucher code STU10 when ordering desks, chairs or other home office furniture from Kit Out My Office you’ll instantly get 10% off. Now all that’s left is for you to actually study…  

  6. 80% off on news
    Are you the type of student who likes to stay informed? Then you should sign up on The Guardian’s student portal. In doing so you’ll qualify for various student deals, including a whopping 80% off on a digital subscription to The Guardian.

  7. The possibility of countless discounts
    UK student discount - discounts If you’re struggling to find a specific product at a discounted price, you should install the Pouch browser extension. Pouch will automatically find and display the best voucher codes on over 3,000 UK store websites. So it’s a sure win in terms of finding the best deals available to you every time you shop. 

For even more UK student discount offers you can dazzle your crew with, be sure to check out our storage for students page or get in touch with your nearest Access store. 

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