Thinking outside the tent | Camping organisation ideas

30 July 2021
Camping is all about planning and organisation. Everything from where you’re going to what you’ll be eating needs to be considered in advance – and that includes preparing for the unexpected.

To help you make the most of your time in the great outdoors, we’ve consulted with avid campers among our staff to bring together camping organisation hacks and storage advice.

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How do I organise my tent for camping?

A great way of organising a tent is to create more floorspace by keeping items off the ground. Items like the Heroclip can carry up to 27kg and has a 360 degree hook, making it handy for hanging items off your tent poles or nearby trees. You might also want to invest in hanging organisers. You can buy large mesh organisers, which are good particularly for drying out clothes, or smaller, more compact hanging organisers for more specific items like electronics, crockery and cutlery. Some might want to just purchase one organiser, in which case a car boot organiser might just do the trick, as it has lots of compartments, has handles so you can hang it up and is a decent size.

One of our favourite camping organisation hacks is to bring a roll of duct tape to repair tears and broken poles – it can make all the difference. It’s also a good idea to bring spare storage bags or even a folding box so that you can store and organise your items while you’re camping. We also recommend leaving the zippers on the tent partially undone to allow air to escape while you pack it.

What is the best way to organise camping gear?

To organise your camping gear, you need to consider what you expect to need and when you’ll need it. Remember that you’ll need to carry and store everything you bring, so begin by getting rid of anything you suspect you may not need. As you gain experience as a camper, you’ll get better at determining what you really need.

Before you leave, lay it all out and sort it by type: food and cooking belong together, as do clothes for each day, and so on. Make a checklist if you’re concerned about forgetting things. Pack your bag in the reverse order that you expect to need things, as the things at the bottom of the bag will be the hardest to get to. 

In terms of camping organisation hacks, we recommend using plastic bags or “packing cubes” to keep things separate in your bag. This makes it easy to take things out of the bag and set them on the ground without them getting damp so you can access things lower down in the bag.

How do you store clothes in a tent?

To store clothes in a tent, some campers swear by a hanging closet organiser. You simply hang it from your tent and store your clothes in it, ensuring that they’re safe from the cold, wet ground – and any insects crawling around on it.

The easiest option is to leave clothes in your bag. That way they’re less likely to get wet or dirty, and you know exactly where everything is. Keep clean clothes in a plastic bag within your main bag and bring a separate plastic bag for dirty clothes. Check the forecast before you go so you only bring the clothes you absolutely need.

One of our favourite camping organisation hacks is to roll up a day’s clothes all together: socks and underwear rolled up tightly in a t-shirt makes for an easy-to-grab, compact set of clothes, and you’ll never be left fishing around in your bag for that one matching sock.

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How do you store things while camping?

There are many options for storing things while camping. For clothes, it often makes sense to leave them in your bag – it’s not a hotel, after all. For less water- and temperature-sensitive things like cooking equipment, you may find it easiest to set them to one side in your tent. If you’re going for more than a couple nights, consider bringing foldable storage bins, as they make for a tidier and easier-to-move setup. This foldable, camping bedside table is great for storing electric item or books that you might not want to keep on the floor.

Some larger tents have a “porch” area, distinct from the sleeping area but still closed off from the outside, and this is a great place to leave your non-essential equipment. If you’re camping with a car, one of our camping organisation hacks is to use shoeboxes or other cardboard boxes as an easy, stackable way to store things.

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