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Unit 1, Meridian Trading Estate, 20 Bugsby’s Way, London, SE7 7SF
02037 334 793
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Access Self Storage Charlton
Unit 1, Meridian Trading Estate
0203 7334 793

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Access Self Storage Greenwich

If you’ve been looking for Access Self Storage Greenwich, your nearest Access Self Storage store is on Bugsby’s Way just down the road in Charlton.

Situated right next to the Greenwich Shopping Park, our Charlton branch offers a range of business and personal storage options to customers in the borough of Greenwich. With office space, 24/7 access, telephone answering, vehicle parking (including large vehicle access), and free use of pallet trucks, it provides the best available self storage in Greenwich and the South London area. You can find more information about this store below.

There are many ways you can reach our self storage near Greenwich.

Coming by train? Just travel east three short stops from Greenwich station to Charlton and this branch is only a ten minute walk away. By car it’s a short drive down the A206, take a left on Anchor & Hope Lane and then left onto Bugsby’s Way. Or if you’re coming by bus, simply catch the 180 or 177 from Greenwich Town Centre to Woolwich Road / Gallions Road and Access Self Storage Charlton is just a few minutes’ walk away. More information is on the map below.

What do Jools Holland, Dr. Samuel Johnson, and the Cutty Sark have in common?

The answer – Greenwich. The Hootenanny host, the inventor of the modern dictionary, and the famous clipper ship all live, or lived here, and that’s not even scratching the surface of the area’s long, interesting past.

Greenwich Mean Time, for instance, is used well beyond the borough, and the UK. Although GMT isn’t calculated in Greenwich anymore, it was the international standard for decades and remains in use in countries including Canada, Ireland and Belgium. So if you’re a collector of watches, chronometers, clocks, or other horology-related trinkets – or thinking of becoming one – our self storage near Greenwich is nearby to ensure they remain safe.

However, Greenwich is perhaps most famous as the location of the prime meridian (represented by the green laser located at the former Royal Observatory) which passes through France, Spain, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana, and even Antarctica. When you’re here, the separation between East and West is a matter of footsteps. And whatever side you’re on, you’re never too far from self storage in Greenwich!

Check out our pages on self storage in Charlton or self storage in Woolwich. Or use our “find a local store” tool at the top of this page to find your nearest store.

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