Summer fashion tips: avoid these faux pas

31 August 2016

Summer is in full swing, the sun is out, and everyone is showing a bit more skin. However, if you’re used to wearing jumpers and boots most of the time, you might need some summer fashion tips to make sure you get it right.

In our recent ‘Hot to Trot’ survey which asked members of the public to rank their summer wardrobes on a scale of one (‘Terrible - I look like I dress in the dark’) to ten (‘Catwalk glam – naturally, darling’), Birmingham emerged as the best dressed UK city. So if you’re from there, you might be fine. If not, take a look at our list of fashion faux pas below.

woman with had by sea

Whatever, you do – don’t wear these four things this summer: 

1. Socks with sandals

Nothing quite says ‘summer has arrived’ like strolling down the street in your favourite pair of sandals. However, if you’re pairing them with socks (as many people do) you’re not only missing the point but also making a huge fashion faux pas. 


pair of sandals on beach

If you can’t bear the thought of going out without socks – rather opt for sneakers or another sock-friendly shoe option! However, if you insist on wearing sandals, wear them on your bare feet, as they were intended to be worn. This is not an opportunity to be unique. If you wear socks with sandals people will point and laugh. 

2. High heeled shoes (at the beach)

While this is a look often seen at beauty pageants and on magazine covers, in real life, it simply doesn’t work. There is a time and place for high heels – clubs, malls, fancy lunches… But the beach definitely isn’t one of them. 

Why not? Well, you’ll look silly, not to mention the potential safety hazard involved in this fashion faux pas. Your heel could easily get caught in the sand and lead to a headfirst tumble in the sand, or force you to hang on to your umbrella for dear life. 

Bottom line: if you want to look suave on the beach, this is probably one of the most important summer fashion tips out there.  

3. Crocs


feet lazing in field

While these plastic shoes are rumoured to be extremely comfortable, they are the definition of unfashionable. Simply put, crocs are ugly, they smell bad, and you must dispose of them immediately. 

Don’t wear them. End of story. 

4. Cargo pants (and zip-off garments)

Certainly stylish in 1997, cargo trousers definitely don’t have a place in the 2016 fashion scene. Before you get offended, we’re not talking about stylish garments with a cargo print, but rather the baggy, low-rise, ¾ short look with enough pockets to hold the entire contents of your grandmother’s handbag. 

So while these trousers may be comfortable, like crocs, they are a definite fashion faux pas. Even worse are the zip-off variety of them. As far as summer fashion tips go, it’s safe to say that any garment that can transform from long to short is a no-go. 

Now that you know what not to wear, you might find yourself with a closet of unnecessary clothes. But while these items are no longer good for day-to-day wear, they’ll work great for dress-up parties! So why not create some space in your cupboard and store them with us. Our facilities all have 24-hour access so you can come plan your dress-up outfit at any time of the day or night.