Renting out a spare room - advice and tips

25 August 2017

There are many benefits to renting out a spare room, or even your whole flat/house to holidaymakers or longer term tenants. Not only is it a great way to earn some extra money (a single furnished room could earn you £7,500 a year under the government’s Rent a Room scheme), it also gives you the opportunity to meet new people, and means someone is around to look after your place if you’re going away for a while.

Whether you’re taking a career break to travel the world for a couple of months, or having to work in a different location for a while, renting out your apartment is a great opportunity to bring in some extra rent. It also has the added bonus of ensuring that your property is not left unattended for long periods of time. 

To help you get your room or apartment ready, we compiled this list of things to consider. So, make sure all these boxes are ticked before renting out a spare room! 

1. Clean it out

If you’re planning on renting out a room, a couple of rooms, or a flat, you have to make sure the space is clean and tidy for your tenants. This includes fixing anything that’s broken, and removing anything that you may have been storing in the room. 


tidy table

This means you have to find storage for your golf clubs, cricket kit, skies and any other items you are currently storing in your spare bedroom’s cupboard. If you’re stuck as to where to go with the stuff you need to remove – our storage by the box service can help. This service is not just for smaller items that will fit in a box, we can also take care of your larger items, without you having to rent an entire storage unit. What’s more – you can collect your belongings whenever you need because we cater for both short and long-term requirements…

2. Remove all valuables

When renting out a spare room to people you don’t know, it’s also important to remove all your valuables and personal items from the room (but you do need to ensure it’s furnished, so don’t go overboard!). No renter wants to go to sleep with your grandmother’s portrait staring at them! Removing personal items not only protects them from potential breakage but also makes the tenant feel like it’s their own space. If you are part of the Rent a Room scheme don’t forget to arrange a deposit with the tenant up front to cover major repairs – see the government’s guide on letting rooms in your home for further advice on this.

Our box storage service has proved particularly popular with home owners renting spare rooms. We provide free, good quality strong boxes, for you to pack your valuables in (weight limit per box is 23kg). Once you’re done, our couriers will collect the boxes from you free of charge and store them safely for as long as you need before being delivered right back to your front door. And don’t forget, if you have items that do not fit into our 50x35x40cm boxes we can still store it for you, contact our team for other storage options.

3. Make it comfortable


comfortable living room

Once you’ve removed all your clutter and personal belongings you need to make the room as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Your guests may not be staying in a hotel, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate some good old-fashioned hospitality!

This might mean putting your old duvet and pillows in storage with your valuables and investing in some brand-new bedding. Don’t forget to provide your guests with enough towels and extra blankets for when it’s cold.

4. Advertise your space

Once your room is ready, all that’s left to do is advertise it and get your first tenants in. Sites like Airbnb make it really easy to rent out your spare bedroom or apartment. Alternatively use one of the many spare room rental services that have sprung up in recent years (e.g.,,, – be sure to shop around for the best deal as these services will often make introductory offers. Using a reputable service also has the added benefit of helping with rent collection and accidental damage cover. Finally, be sure to consider your target audience e.g. if you’re keen on attracting a student then be sure to state how close your spare room is to local universities or colleges.

If you’re renting out a spare room and you follow this advice, you’ll soon earn a little bit extra (or a lot more) every month!

And remember – if you need to keep your personal items safe and out of the way while your renter stays, our Box Storage For Me service is perfect.