Moving out of halls, Part II: The End is Nigh

23 March 2018
When we published our blog about moving out of halls of residence, it was February and life was swell. Exams were over for a few months; the weather was getting better – but not so hot that you had to toss out your wardrobe – and your summer living situation was a problem to be dealt with in the distant future. 

The future has, predictably enough, arrived: exams are approaching at terminal velocity, the heat is about to get unbearable, and the question of where you’re going to live over the summer – and what you’re going to do with all your stuff – is a real, urgent concern. While you’ve (hopefully) already got a flat locked down, you may well be at a loss for what to do between June and September. 

Not to worry – at Access Self Storage, we’ve worked out your best choices for bridging the gap between halls and private accommodation. 

Keep the party going

If you’ve got a bit of money squirrelled away from your part-time job and student loan – or you’re already fabulously rich, one option is to stay in private halls of residence throughout the summer. 

Private student accommodation provider Liberty Living advises students to be cautious: 

“The University Accommodation Service will have an approved list of providers – some, like Liberty Living, will work quite closely with local councils to develop best practice through accreditation schemes. Priority should be given to landlords who are part of these schemes; they guarantee that standards for fire safety and security are met and ensure that other necessities are provided.” 

“We'd also advise students not to sign up to the first property they see. View several, and decide on your favourite. When you’ve settled, try to get a feel for the area – and investigate if there are discounts available for local travel, either from the university or the local council.” 

Bringing it all back home


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Going back home is another option. Unless your parents are charging the going rate for rent, it’s usually a cost-effective option – and if you get a job in your local area, you can live pretty comfortably off the proceeds (and your student loan) once you return to university. 

Going back home, however, has its downsides. Once you’ve got a taste for independence, it’s hard to go back to getting up before 1pm, doing chores, and dealing with annoying siblings. Equally, don’t expect everything to remain the same: your parents are unlikely to make your room a shrine to your childhood, and if it’s been used for other purposes, you could find yourself in for a shock when you come back. Maybe little brother’s made his move and finally claimed the space for himself; maybe dad’s decided to get that pool table at long last, or maybe they’ve got a lodger so they can make a little money off their new spare room – the possibilities are, unfortunately, quite endless. 

They’ll no doubt still make room for you, but there may not be space for all the stuff you took to uni – let alone the items you accumulated along the way. Visit your local Access Self Storage: we’ve always got room, and unlike your parents, we won’t let any interlopers or leisure activities crowd your personal space!

Venture abroad


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Finally, spending your holiday abroad is a great way to avoid reconnecting with your family or splashing out on private accommodation. Organisations like HelpX enable you to find work in far-flung lands (the usual arrangement is four hours a day for room + board). Alternatively, Bunac offers paid “working adventures” in places like the US, Costa Rica, Australia, and New Zealand. The employment on offer is fairly diverse: students have worked as au pairs, farmhands, and at sea, amongst other things. 

Not only do you get the opportunity to experience strange and exotic lands, but it’s a great way to diversify your CV – not everybody can say they worked as a goatherd in Outer Mongolia, after all.

Of course, while you’re off milking cows, catching a little sun, or hoisting the main sail, you’ll need somewhere to stash your gear. Access Self Storage is available to students attending educational institutions across the country.  

Find out more about Access Self Storage’s student discounts on our storage for students page.