The five weirdest things sold on eBay

16 December 2016

You can sell almost anything on eBay: it’s as easy as posting a photo and short description. What’s more, you’re sure to attract some interest. There are some strange people out there.

But if you’re wondering whether the item you want to sell is a little bit too unusual, take a look at this list of the five weirdest things sold on eBay. It will certainly give you a good benchmark.

Be warned, though, this list makes relatively strange eBay sales like pet hats, false teeth and old Nokia 3310s seem like average supermarket items! 

Uneaten brussels sprouts

Not a fan of brussels sprouts? Good news – you don’t have to eat them. You can go the route of Dan Allam from Herefordshire and auction them off on eBay instead.

Dan auctioned uneaten brussels sprouts off twice in 2012 and 2013, getting £99.99 for two sprouts in 2012 and £34 for five in 2013. In this case the madness was at least for a good cause, as the money made from the sale was donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.


Brussel sprouts

Dead fairy

If you’re into creepy things you might have heard of some of the weirdest things sold on eBay already. But did you know that someone once sold what they claimed to be a ‘dead fairy’?

The seller apparently found the creature that could only be the corpse of a fairy or demon while rummaging through things at a yard sale. The fairy is said to have a ‘black magic voodoo’ feel about it. It also unnerved the seller’s cat, so the demonic power is obviously real.

Justin Timberlake’s breakfast


French toast

In March 2000 Justin Timberlake did a breakfast interview at New York radio station Z-100 where he ate some French toast – but not all of it.

The DJ who conducted the interview saw an opportunity and put the remaining French toast up on eBay – where it was sold for $1,025. Who would pay this much for bread? Why, a 19-year old ‘N Sync fan with too much money, that’s who!

Cornflake shaped like Illinois

Two sisters from Virginia put a cornflake shaped like Illinois up on eBay and got an astounding $1,350 for it! Who knew uneaten food was worth this much?

The buyer said he purchased the cornflake to add it to a travelling museum.

‘Virgin Mary’ toasted cheese sandwich

One of the weirdest things sold on eBay is a 10-year-old toasted cheese sandwich said to bear an image of the Virgin Mary. 


toasted cheese sandwich

The original owner first kept the sandwich in a plastic box from 10 years, during which time it’s said to have brought her luck (including winnings of $70,000 at a casino).  When Diane Duyser finally decided to let go of her mystical sandwich it fetched $28,000 on eBay. Perhaps it is magical after all…

One thing is certain, you can quickly fill up your house with these purchases. If you buy too many of the weirdest things sold on eBay, and you have no more space left, remember we can help. We will keep your purchases safe or even help you set up an eBay business to sell them yourself! Our units are all accessible 24/7 so you can come collect your items whenever you like to use (or resell) them.