Our top picks for cheap garden decorations

16 November 2022
A garden is a wonderful asset to any home. It's practically another room of your house and the things you can do with the space are almost endless. Maybe you want to showcase your botanical prowess? Or perhaps you want to go all out on the "room" theme and create a perfect al fresco dining area? These are both great options, but sometimes having too many choices can be daunting and leaves you scratching your head over what to do.

An image of a back garden for our blog on cheap garden decorations

Don't worry; here at Access, we've compiled a list of top garden decoration tips if you want to breathe some life into your green space!

Ambient lighting

This is a must-have in the world of cheap garden decoration. The difference some quality lighting solutions can bring to your garden is immeasurable. Ambient lighting is what you make of it – placement, amount and style will affect your garden's appearance. 

There are plenty of options here: mini fence-mounted lanterns are great for a retro vibe, whereas string lights are perfect for summer evening get-togethers. But these are just a couple of options, and it is what you make of it, so feel free to get creative!

Opt for a patio

A garden doesn’t have to be dominated by greenery; it can be a functional part of your home instead. A patio can also be fantastic from a design point of view as you can then mark borders between it and other garden sections – this can look very neat! Alternatively, you could go all the way and use your patio space as an outside room of the house. Just add a table and chairs, and you have an excellent dining room for those sunny days (all ten of them).

Top tip: Choose light colour garden flags to make your patio space feel bigger!

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Especially here in the UK, gardens tend to be slightly on the small side. But that doesn't mean you can't make your garden feel bigger. Mirrors are fantastic garden ornaments that create the illusion of space no matter the size of the plot. Just hang one up on your back wall or fence (next to some ambient lighting would be great), and you'll notice a difference immediately. Try and go for a roughly window-sized mirror to make your garden look even more like a room. A good mirror will brighten up those dark corners if your garden isn't particularly open. 


The holy grail of cheap garden decoration, flowerpots are timeless, tried and tested ways of sprucing up your outside space. Pop a couple by your back door to contrast brick walls with any colour you like. There's not much else to say about this, but we recommend keeping the seasons in mind – your lovely lavender purple can offset a grey sky!

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Paint your tin cans

A creative and cheap garden decoration! You're bound to have some tin cans lying around in the kitchen. Don't throw them away! They can be very useful indeed. Once you've gathered a good bunch, grab some paint and get stuck in. With this one, the world is your oyster: you could choose a feature colour and paint the cans with that. But, if you want a little weekend project, try sketching out some design ideas and painting those onto your cans.

Paint the shed

If you've got a shed that needs some TLC, why not give it a splash of paint? You could match the shed's colour to your garden furniture or fencing if you fancy hinting at a theme. Be sure to use darker colours to show off all your beautiful plants. As well as being an excellent way to decorate garden space, this is a good activity to de-stress; painting can be very therapeutic after all.

To gravel or not to gravel?

Are you looking to make a big difference to the appearance of your garden without spending a fortune? Why not lay down some gravel? Decorative stones are great for creating a path through the garden or a small patio area in a pinch. You can even lay it yourself! Here's a handy guide on how it's done.

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Build a fire pit

Those idyllic summer nights wouldn't be the same without one! A firepit is a wonderful addition to your garden, providing both ambience and warmth for your evening chats! Usually, these can be expensive, but this little guide gives you all the information you need to build your own!


That’s it for our list of cheap garden decoration tips, but if you’re looking to make some room in your shed or summer house, we can help – find your nearest Access Self Storage facility with our store finder.