Parking ticket statistics: Data reveals most expensive parking fines in the UK

17 December 2020
At Access Self Storage, we submitted Freedom of Information requests to the 429 local councils across the UK to get statistics about the parking tickets they handed out from January 1st 2020 and July 31st 2020 (during the lockdown). Responses were received from 250 councils, and the findings were shocking. The total number of tickets issued by all the councils that responded was 3,094,829, and the total fine amount was £112,761,254.95!

We submitted requests to 429 councils and received responses from 250 of them.

The 20 councils that handed out the most tickets:

Most parking fines given out in the UK by council

Local councils across the country are making millions from parking fines, particularly in London. The fines still apply during lockdown, so if you need to park your car, make sure you read the signs on the road carefully.  

The 20 councils with the highest average ticket costs:

Top 20 most expensive parking fines in the UK 

Misreading a parking sign in the Cotswolds can cost you over £300, which is sure to ruin a holiday. There are a few Scottish councils in the top 20, too, making it a hotspot for expensive fines. Make sure you plan ahead and know where you can park your car, without it costing the earth!

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