Looking for Herfordshire self storage options? We're opening a Hemel Hempstead branch!

20 November 2016
Eat your heart out, Berkhamsted: you may have your fancy cinema; you may have your castle; you may think you’re too good for budget supermarkets. But you don’t have convenient, affordable Hertfordshire self storage like your local rivals in Hemel Hempstead!

Hemel Hempstead store at night

That’s right: we’re opening Access Self Storage Hemel Hempstead, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be arriving in the happiest town in the South East (that is, assuming we navigate the famous, fearsome Magic Roundabout first). Opening in October, the store will offer gated, fenced, and CCTV-monitored storage units for consumer and business use – alongside plenty of additional services like mailboxes, shelves, forklifts, free pallet trucks and phone answering (amongst others).

Steven Church, incoming store manager at Access Self Storage Hemel Hempstead, said: “I’ve worked for this company for the past eight years, and I’m excited to take on the challenge of managing our Hemel Hempstead branch. It’s a terrific town, and I’m looking forward to working with the new team, getting the facility up and running, and getting involved with the local community.”

To outsiders, Hemel Hempstead is most well-known as “that town that exploded once ages ago.” But the town has recovered admirably over the last decade, and there is far more to it than that. You can see flora and fauna frolicking near Long Dean’s Nature Reserve on Bunkers Lane, before popping back to the Marlowes for a distinctly modern shopping trip; you can spend hot summer days lazing in Gadebridge Park before heading to the Ski Centre to get the UK equivalent of an Alpine break.

It’s urban and it’s rural; it’s a ‘new town’ with a long, rich history. It doesn’t have a jungle or rolling sand dunes, but short of that, you can get almost every kind of experience here. We’re delighted to add self storage in Hemel Hempstead to the list. 

Asked to comment on the new Hemel store, area manager Ryan Gough said: “While we already offer self storage in Hertfordshire, we’re eagerly anticipating opening another regional branch in Apsley.”
He added: “While Hemel represents a great business opportunity for Access Self Storage, we’re also very keen to make sure our relationship with the town is mutually beneficial. The opening of the new Hertfordshire self storage facility has already created several new jobs in the area, and we hope that – in future – it will create even more.” 

Amen! To celebrate the launch of the new store, we’ll be holding a launch event in November and inviting several local business owners to attend. Details are yet to be confirmed, but if it’s anything like our Catford event, it’s bound to be an interesting, lively occasion – with a few faces very familiar to local Hemel Hempstead residents.

It’ll be excellent fun – the kind of night you just can’t get in Berkhamsted! 

Our latest Hertfordshire self storage facility opens this October – and it’s available 24/7 (reception hours may vary).