The worlds most expensive chocolate

25 March 2020
At Access, we’ve got chocolate on the mind as our Access Easter Appeal 2020 is well under way. Access branches around the country are collecting Easter eggs for local charities, and that got us thinking: what are some of the world’s most expensive chocolates…and how can we get our hands on them?

The world’s most expensive chocolate bar in production

Italian manufacturer Amedei produces a dark chocolate bar made from the rare white cocoa bean variety called ‘Porcelena.’ A 50-gram bar – hardly enough for those with a real sweet tooth – costs £15, while a regular-sized bar of the stuff costs a shocking £70. While there are certainly more expensive chocolate products out there, they often use adornments like gold leaf to inflate their price. That’s why the Amedei Porcelena currently holds the claim to be the most expensive chocolate bar that is regularly available in the simple, delicious format we know and love.


The world's most expensive chocolate


The world’s most expensive artisanal chocolate bar

While the Porcelena is available online year-round and is produced at scale, a far rarer delicacy is available in the form of the To’ak GUAYASAMÍN 50 gram bar. These tiny bars are made with cocoa beans grown deep in the Ecuadorian rainforest and then aged for three years in a cognac barrel. The price? A whopping £364. But each bar comes in a custom engraved wooden box with the number of the bar and a 116-page booklet about its providence, so really, it’s a bargain…


The world’s most expensive chocolate assortment

Life is like a box of chocolates – and you’re doing pretty well if your life is like the Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle Collection by Fritz Knipschildt. This assortment of approximately 25 chocolate truffles will set you back a cool £2,050. And even if you have that sort of money burning a hole in your wallet, you can’t just walk into a store and buy these luxurious morsels – they’re only made to order. You can try the La Madeline au Truffe in the meantime, though.


The world's most expensive chocolate gift box

The swiss chocolatiers at deLafée have cooked up a unique chocolate consumption experience: a ring of 8 chocolate truffles, adorned with 24-karat edible gold, of course, surrounding an antique gold coin (not edible, we assume). The coin is a Swiss 10 Franc coin from between 1910 and 1922, and the makers don’t offer an explanation of why it’s included. Considering that the value of the coin is over £100, the total price of £263 for the box and the truffles seems almost reasonable.


The world's most expensive chocolate


The world's most expensive Easter egg

The most expensive chocolate Easter egg was produced in London back in 2017 by UK chocolate boutique Choccywooccydoodah – yes, that the business’s real name. They produced a set of three giant eggs, the largest weighing a whopping 100 kilograms. Each egg included an ornate, fairy-tale scene and took two months to complete. Unfortunately, the company has since gone out of business, presumably unrelated to the mammoth Easter eggs. In 2006, Picadilly’s La Maison du Chocolat offered a Diamond Stella egg for £50,000, but the real reason for that stunning price tag was that the chocolate was studded with one hundred diamonds. 


Get involved for a good cause

If all that’s a bit rich for your tastes, Access Self Storage is accepting donations of reasonably priced chocolate Easter eggs as part of our annual Access Easter Appeal. Some of the stores include Access Self Storage Birmingham Central, Access Self Storage Derby and Access Self Storage Nottingham, so if you’re nearby, please consider chipping in to help local charities, because the sweetest thing in life isn’t chocolate; it’s helping those in need.

Find out how you can get involved here.