Access is committed to creating sustainable self-storage and office sites. We do this by generating our own solar energy, powering stores using renewable energy sources, selling recycled packing products, processing paperless transactions and building or renovating sites using sustainable construction methods.

Solar Energy

20% of our UK stores are fitted with PV solar panels and all our newly built stores will have PV panels installed as standard. These solar panels provide electricity that is used by the store with any surplus being exported back to the national grid.

Renewable Energy

We power 60 sites through the purchase of 100% renewable electricity.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

3 sites have been installed with electric vehicle charging points and this will continue with all new builds.

Paperless Transactions

By introducing digital functionality to enable customers to get a quote, book and pay online we’re reducing the use of paper at each site.

Recycled Packaging

We supply boxes that have been made using 100% recycled paper.

Waste and Recycling - Construction

We actively set and track the performance of waste and recycling management for each new store’s construction. Each site has an appointed waste champion whose role is to maximise recycling in addition our sites have dedicated waste reception areas with segregated signage for each skip type. Last year we recycled or recovered 99.8% of all construction waste.


We power our stores using 100% renewable energy. This electricity comes from renewable sources like wind farms, solar plants and biomass, each contributing to reducing CO2 emissions whilst keeping our stores powered.


All of our sites have motion sensor LED lighting. Motion sensor lighting is environmentally friendly as lights turn off automatically when no motion is detected. LED lighting further reduces power consumption as they typically use 90% less energy than an equivalent incandescent or halogen bulb.


To reduce water consumption at our stores we have installed where possible, solenoid valves on toilets and kitchen taps which means they cannot be left running. We have also installed efficient valve systems in stores that regulate and control how much water is used.


We source and supply cardboard boxes made from 100% recyclable material and have reduced single-use or non-biodegradable plastics by removing foam sheets and loose fill from our packaging range.

Electric Car Charging

We are providing power for electric vehicles at our new stores by creating designated parking bays equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging points. Customers can use these charging points for free whilst accessing their storage unit.

Making an Environmental Impact Together

Together we can make environmentally positive choices for the storage of goods. We will continue to invest in a greener storage infrastructure, and you can adopt these steps when storing with us:

*Some initiatives at selected stores only (for now).