Access Box Storage

In the world we live in, less is more and smaller is better. At Access Self Storage we’re keeping with the times with our London Access Box Storage service. We get it. Traditional storage is great for storing big, bulky items, but sometimes you just don’t need that much space. 

If you have considered self storage but decided against it because you couldn’t justify renting an entire unit for a couple of items, storage by the box might be exactly what you need.

If your moving home and your house move is delayed, or if you need to rent between moves, Access Box Storage is the perfect solution.  If you’re a student, packing up and storing your belongings at the end of term can be a real hassle. You need a storage service that collects your student books, suitcases, ironing board or even guitar and safely stores them whilst your on holiday. 

At Access Box Storage we will collect and safely store your belongings. Our boxes are free (current special offer), and our couriers will collect & return the items for you. When you’re ready to move in we will deliver them back. It’s that simple.

Here’s how it works:  

Step 1 - You book


Step 2 - We collect 


Step 3 - We store: 


Step 4 - We deliver: 

So that’s it, 4 simple steps to store.  Now enter your postcode and Start Storing.  


Box Storage in London

We collect. We store. We deliver.

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