Lots of Access Self Storage customers rent storage space from us while they move home. Read our top tips to make moving easier.

  • Check in to your storage unit online. You can check in to your storage unit in advance, leaving you with far less paperwork to fill out on the day you move in. Don’t forget to have your ID on you to complete your check in when you arrive in store – you’ll need photo ID – such as a passport or driving licence – and proof of your UK address – such as a bank statement or a utility bill for the current period (i.e. monthly or quarterly).
  • Make sure you have plenty of packing material. It’s usually a good idea to have around ten more boxes than you think you’ll need. You can buy a range of durable cardboard boxes, Really Useful plastic boxes and packaging material like tape and bubblewrap from our BoxStore. Have it delivered to you to make life even easier. And just in case you order too many, we’ll fully refund any unopened boxes or packaging material.
  • Pack and store in advance if you can. Hire your storage unit a few days before your big move and load in your items over a few days to keep things stress-free.
  • Use colour-coded stickers on your boxes to easily see which room they’re for.
  • Keep your personal documents with you. Be careful not to accidentally pack and store passports or other items you might need to have on you while setting up utilities or other paperwork for your new home.
  • Keep some cleaning spray and paper towels on hand, making it easy to clean any surfaces as you leave your home. It could also be useful in case you need to give any items you’re storing a quick wipe before you pack them into your unit.
  • Have snacks and drinks on hand. Keep everyone’s energy levels up while moving.
  • Use an Access Self Storage mailbox or mailing address if you need an address between homes.

Read our top tips for packing and transporting your items.