Access Self Storage Bristol Charity Cycle

01 March 2023

On top of our usual Easter egg collection Access Self Storage Bristol completed an 120 mile charity cycle for the fantastic local charity Gympanzees.

Charity cycle at Access Self Storage Bristol

As part of our annual Easter appeal, where we collected Easter eggs for fantastic charities throughout the United Kingdom, our store in Bristol completed a static cycle of 120 miles.

You might wonder, why 120 miles? This distance represented the journey from Access Self Storage Bristol to our Head Office in Mayfair, London.

Who did the Bristol Team complete the Charity Cycle for?

The  team at Access Self Storage Bristol decided to raise money for the fantastic local charity Gympanzees!

Gympanzees was established by Stephanie Wheen, a physiotherapist in Bristol specialising in children and young people with disabilities. Gympanzees’ mission was to create a space for young people with disabilities to play, exercise, and enjoy a social facility, all under one roof for their families. They built a facility providing endless possibilities for health, happiness, and support, creating cherished family memories such as a 3-year-old laughing for the first time, a 6-year-old taking his first steps, siblings playing together, and parents forming friendships with others who understand the world of disability.

Gympanzees is a remarkable charity, and we were delighted to support them.