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Packaging Materials

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  • Our Best Sellers

Our Best Sellers

  • Cardboard Boxe

    Large Storage Box 457 x 457 x 550mm

  • Cardboard Boxe

    Small storage box 355 x 255 x 355mm

  • Cardboard Boxe

    Medium Storage Box 405 x 405 x 405mm

Packaging materials

Pack and wrap your items safely with our large selection of quality packaging materials. Browse bubble wrap, tape, foam and loose fill plus dust sheets and mattress covers, all available to buy online. For more information on our packaging materials, call our customer helpline on 0808 278 2710.

  • Packing supplies

    Combination Squire padlock

    £ 16.00

    This combination padlock offers a 4 number key, which provides security to your storage, without the need for a key.

  • Packing supplies

    Small Squire padlock

    £ 10.00

    This small key padlock, with a 10 year guarantee, is ideal for your storage unit.

  • Packing supplies

    Large Squire padlock

    £ 13.00

    This large key padlock to use on your storage unit door comes with a 10 year guarantee.

  • Packing supplies

    Mattress cover

    £ 5.00

    Keep your mattress fully protected during transport and storage, with our large mattress cover.

  • Packing supplies

    Parcel Tape

    £ 2.50

    A roll of durable brown packing tape, ideal for sealing boxes and securing bubble wrap on large items.

  • Packing supplies

    Fragile Tape

    £ 2.50

    A roll of durable tape labelled 'fragile', making it easy to identify boxes containing delicate items.

  • Packing supplies

    Tape Gun

    £ 9.00

    This easy-use tape gun is indispensable for taping lots of storage boxes or bubble wrap.

  • Packing supplies

    Dust sheet – large

    £ 5.00

    Protect your furniture during transit, storage or while decorating, using our large dust sheet. Dimensions: 4m x 3m.

  • Packing supplies

    Stretch wrap

    £ 12.00

    Our strong, clear stretch wrap film is ideal for wrapping your boxes or bubble wrapped items while moving.

  • Packing supplies

    Black Stretch Wrap

    £ 12.00

    This strong black stretch wrap film allows you to wrap and conceal your items for transit or storage.

  • Packing supplies

    Bubble Wrap - Small Roll

    £ 7.50

    Protect your items with 7.5 metres of average-width bubble wrap. Easy to unroll and cut to size.

  • Packing supplies

    Bubble wrap - extra wide small roll

    £ 9.50

    Our extra-wide bubble wrap is ideal for large items such as tables, chairs or large mirrors or frames.

  • Bubblewrap

    Bubble wrap – large roll

    £ 17.00

    One long roll of bubble wrap, which will cover around 10 dining chairs, protecting your items during transit.

  • Packing supplies

    Bubble wrap giant roll

    £ 45.00

    This 100 metre long roll of bubble wrap is perfect if you have a lot of fragile or large items to pack.

  • Packing supplies

    Bubble wrap - extra wide giant roll

    £ 65.00

    Our largest bubble wrap roll, this is 100 metres long and extra wide for wrapping oversized items.

  • Packing supplies

    Loose fill

    £ 6.500

    Use loose fill around larger items stored in boxes to prevent movement and absorb shock.

  • Packing supplies

    Acid free tissue paper

    £ 4.50

    This non-marking paper protects small breakables like ornaments and crockery.

  • Packing supplies

    Foam Sheets

    £ 7.50

    The perfect size to place between plates, or for wrapping small breakable items.

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